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Microscope Manufacturers:
Leica Microsystems
Nikon Instruments Inc.
Carl Zeiss Canada

Microscopy Suppliers:
Quorum Technologies Inc.
Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc.
Bioptechs Inc.
MBF Bioscience

Image analysis Software (Free Download):
Image J
NIH Image
Scion Image

Image Analysis Software:
Volocity/ Openlab
Huygens Software
Bitplane Inc.

Zeiss Image Browsers:
AxioVision LE
LSM Image Browser
ZEN 2008 LE
http://www.zeiss.ca/C1256EEC002CF587/ContentsFrame/4A3F2F59B1C20B77C1256EF5003923E1 (follow the links to the download section)


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