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General Guidelines for Access and Use of the CMDI Facility

The following guidelines are not intended to restrict access or use of the facility, but to ensure efficient and equitable use of the facility and the safety of the equipment.

  1. All researchers in the Faculty of Medicine, their staff and students will have access to this facility. Access codes will be provided as needed. General use access codes will work between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. After-hours access will be given to individuals when there is a need and competence in operating the equipment has been established.

  2. The normal hours of operation for the facility are between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. During this period there will be staff available for assistance and training.

  3. All of the equipment in the facility is available on a “first come” basis. Individuals are encouraged to book in advance. Bookings may be made up to 14 days in advance by logging onto the calendar. The largest block of time permitted to be booked on any one day is a 4-hour block of time (generally a morning or afternoon session). Multiple bookings are permitted, but individuals will not be permitted to block-book or monopolize a period of time, e.g. book every afternoon for a two-week period.

  4. Because of heavy demand on the facility during certain periods the manager reserves the right to adjust bookings depending on specific need.

  5. Individuals who do not show up for their reserved time will lose their time after 30 minutes.

  6. Individuals who do not cancel their booked period of time and do not show up may be charged the hourly rate for the time that was reserved.

  7. Individuals must record their use of the facility in the blue binder. For individuals who do not record their use, their booked time will be entered in the logbook by staff.

  8. All individuals must be trained or checked out on the equipment by the manager or his assistant before the individual may use the equipment without supervision. This is to ensure that all individuals using the facility have the proper training in the use of the equipment. This saves time for the individual and possible damage to the equipment.

  9. Any problems with or damage to the equipment must be reported to the manager or his assistant.

  10. Users may not leave data on the computer workstations for more than two weeks. With the number of users currently utilizing the facility and leaving their data on the computers, the storage capacity of the computers has been greatly reduced. Unless permission to leave data for more than two weeks has been given, data left on the computers for longer than two weeks may be deleted.

Guidelines for major equipment provided by
small groups or individuals

  1. In accordance with the mandate of the CMDI User’s Committee, all requests for group or individually acquired equipment to be included within the CMDI will be reviewed by the committee. Individually acquired equipment included in the CMDI will follow the same guidelines as the group acquired equipment.

  2. The purpose of having the equipment under the CMDI umbrella is to assist in ensuring maximum productivity from the equipment. This would include the provision of access to other researchers. The CMDI manager will be fully trained on the equipment, and capable of providing training to all users.

  3. Members of a group are those PIs whose names are on the successful application through which the equipment was purchased.

  4. Location of the equipment will be determined by the group or individual and the CMDI user’s committee. Placing the equipment within the physical space of the CMDI is not a necessary prerequisite for the equipment to be under the CMDI umbrella.

  5. Fees: For the first year, and for the duration the service contract is maintained by the group, fees for group members will be waived. In subsequent years, fees for group members will be the same as for other users. General fees will be set by the CMDI user’s committee. In the event that repairs are required that are not covered by the service contract (eg. damage to lenses), additional funding from the group may be required.

  6. Booking: For the first year, and for the duration the service contract is maintained by the group, members of the group will have priority booking. They will be able to book the equipment at any time. All other CMDI users can book equipment beginning 3 days in advance according to CMDI guidelines. Booking will be via the web system currently in place for all CMDI equipment.

  7. The group or individual can choose to remove their equipment from the facility at any time during the period that they are maintaining the service contract. In addition, the Committee can request that equipment be removed from the facility if it is not fulfilling the mandate of the CMDI.

  8. Adding to equipment: If a faculty member who is not part of the group would like to add a component to the group's equipment or equipment currently under the umbrella of CMDI, arrangements can be negotiated with the User’s Committee in consultation with the group when applicable.



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