Slide # 130 - Mucoperiosteum

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Low magnification micrograph of an area of mucoperiosteum - where bone is covered by a layer of mucous membrane that is bound down closely to the bony surface, as would be a periosteal covering; thus the term - mucoperiosteum. This tissue was taken from the olfactory area of the nasal cavities. The olfactory epithelium (OE) and the underlying connective tissue (lamina propria layer) forms the mucous membrane (mucosa). The mucosa is rich in vascular supply, especially large thin-walled veins (V). There are also serous-secreting glands (SG) and ducts (D) to the epithelial surface. The lamina propria connective tissue (MP) attaches to the underlying bony surface (B) of the nasal bones. This is a spongy (cancellous) bone and the spaces are filled with fatty tissue (F).

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